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Common name : Methoxyfenozide
Chemical Name: N-tert-butyl-N'-(3-methoxy-2-methylbenzoly)-3,5-dimethylbenzohydrazide
CAS NO:161050-58-4
Physical chemistry: white  powder; melting point: 202-205 °C
Uses: Mainly used on vegetables and Field crops, prevent vegetables(cucurbits, solanaceous)apple, maize, cotton, grape, kiwi fruit,nut, flowering plant, beet, tea and field crops(rice, Sorghum vulgare,soybean),etc. from Lepidoptera pests. Particularly effect on larva and spawn. Safe to Beneficial insect and Beneficial mite, active in touch poisoning and root absorption.Friendly to the environment. Recommended application amount: 20~30g active ingredient /hm2
Packing: Or other special packagings (can be packed upon customer's request)

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